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Andrew Bair, CEO

Message from Our CEO

At Ellsworth County Medical Center (ECMC) we are happy to serve the communities of in Ellsworth County and beyond. ECMC staff have chosen to serve these communities because they enjoy rural healthcare. Most of our employees grew up in the area with the same neighbors, families, friends, with whom we now serve. Because of the closeness we have with our communities, the care we give is genuine. The term, "healthcare" itself means something very different when you know and truly care about individuals you are providing therapy / treatment.

It is understandable how some may worry about the confidentially in a small town. Yet it is because we know and care for you that we are highly committed to protecting your privacy. We can give you the support that only a friend can give and that with the upmost confidentiality. Health problems can be frightening and we want ECMC to be organization you can count on in times of need. We have the skill and the genuine concern you need.

We provide our community the best in quality. Great attention to quality requires our staff to stay current with best practices in healthcare and evidence based care. Be assured that each provider, technician, and staff member keep up with best practices, certifications and continuing education. We can deliver the best of personalized care while providing high quality close to where you live.

For a smaller organization, you will be surprised at the amount of services we provide. Telemedicine is one of our popular resources that has been a very effective tool to help people who do not want to travel long distances for specialty care. Those who have received this service have given us a 100% satisfaction rating. Check our services tab on this website to the array of services we offer. As always, thank you for giving us the honor of caring for you.

Andrew P. Bair, CEO

Ellsworth County Medical Center