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Information Systems

Important Notes

Please do not give out your domain, email or Cerner password to anyone at any time. The only exception to this would be if IT needs your password for testing purposes.
If you must write down your password to prevent you from forgetting it please do not leave it laying around your work area. Please hide it somewhere safe. Examples would be: In your purse/wallet, in a locked drawer, at home. Preferably you would not write it down but we understand that they can be difficult to remember.
Password Creation Guide Lines - When creating a password there are a specific set of rules that must be followed. Here is an outline of those requirements
- Length - Minimum 8 total characters
- Complexity - There are 4 categories of characters: Uppercase Letters (ABC), Lowercase Letters (abc), Numbers (123), Symbols (!@#). Your new password must contain at least one (1) character from three (3) of these categories.
Example: Password1 (NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS!)

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Contact Information

Information Systems Manager, 785-472-5028 ext. 1112,
IT On-call: 785-810-1188
Department e-mail: